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  • Found our Fun Factory Stronic swing!! Here’s the pink Stronic Real doing its thing. While it isn’t a thruster, it’s pulsations are so delicious when you find the perfect positioning for your body. If you love the feeling of someone (or something) doing the work for you, the entire Stronic line is worth checking out! 💗
  • Sex (Toys) on the Beach 😎 
yup just a windy 74 degrees out here but HEY ITS SUMMER IN DETROIT WOOOO I’LL TAKE IT 😩 *turns warmth filter all the way up*
  • This sweet little booty shroom — the Fly Agaric — is a perfect shape for people who love soft, delicate textures as well as those new to anal play! @joellennotte took this first fungus beauty shot, and the second shot is moi being a lil forest sprite. ✨🌈🍄 #bespokebuttplug
  • If you want a powerful vibrating dildo on the girthy side, the Big Boss by Fun Factory is hands down one of the most quality choices. I have had this one for y e a r s — and one amazing thing about Fun Factory is that they have 2-year manufacturer’s warranty (but we seriously never hear of issues with FF toys.) ❣️🌹🚨
  • Love these shots of @hannahs_tea in the Stockroom Bust Harness and Terra Firma Harness taken by @thefunkship 💗💚💝
  • Divine 9 is a water based lubricant that is thick and slippery and has minimal ingredients. What makes this lube special? There is (Canadian) government funded medical research that shows carrageenan (a seaweed extract) can reduce transmission of HPV, and this lube is chock full of it.

HPV is an inevitable reality for many of us — because it’s transmitted through skin contact, condoms can’t fully protect against it. I have had HPV and colposcopies before, yet am asymptomatic at present. There are many strains of HPV and the vaccine only protects against a few of them, but not all strains are cancerous. Finding out you have HPV feels very scary at first, but it is very manageable if you are aware of it. Get those annual pap smears and discuss HPV with your partner(s) and you’ll be prepared! Even though just about every sexually active person gets it in their lifetime, and our immune systems can kick the bug *sometimes*, we still need to communicate about it. Will this lube make you never have to worry about HPV ever again? Nope, but it’s pretty neat that McGill is putting so much effort into researching lubes like this!

I always recommend Scarleteen for no-nonsense STI education, but please post your favorite resources in the comments as well!
  • The Inclusion Harness is only $35 and adjusts up to 65” around the low waist! We love a sturdy, simple harness that is cuuuute af. It comes with a 1.5” O-ring that unsnaps so you can switch it out for other O-rings and sport a dil of any diameter 🌈✨
  • Beautiful Bandit in Tie-Bright as captured by @thefunkship ⛅️ If clouds had cocks I think they’d probably feel like the Vixen VixSkin series 🥴
  • Not gonna lie, I wasn’t expecting to be impressed by the new Mimic + Plus... but dear lord, Clandestine Devices truly listened to the feedback on their first Mimic and WOW — the Plus is truly so powerful. Whether you like a broad surface area or pinpoint stimulation, this contoured lay on vibrator will do more than satisfy. It blends seamlessly into playtime, and while it’s great on the clit it’s also a really fabulous vibrator for cuppin balls and apply pressure against the perineum. It’s waterproof, rechargeable, and smoooooth af 🦋 Now available in our vibrators section 🥰 (P.S. Hooray for grey!!!!!)
  • Send all penises a vibrational *hug* — the Fun Factory Manta is a rumbly vibrator that is perfect for stimulating penises or any other body part that enjoys surround sound vibration or fluttering licks! We love Fun Factory for many reasons, but one cool thing about them is that they are the largest (and one of the only) toy companies that makes every part of their vibrators in their own facility in Germany (as opposed to outsourcing it.) Fun Factory Toys are VERY high quality with extremely low defect rates relative to other brands — also, so so rumbly!
  • Hearing “no” or being rejected often brings up negative emotions (whether in relationships, at work, or elsewhere) and can feel destabilizing to us as individuals when we take it personally. What if we could reframe the way we receive a “no”? @jimanekia discusses how we can shift the way we hear “no”, and her candidness and awareness is a continuous source of inspiration. Jimanekia has a direct and empathetic approach to breaking down rejection, and we guarantee you’ll appreciate the tools presented in her recent piece on our homepage!
  • The magical Maverick is generally my travel dildo of choice! And of course a WAND (Doxy Original this time.) Which toy(s) do YOU bring when you’re trying to pack light? ✨

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Sex Underwater – The Facts About Underwater Sex

By on January 20, 2018

Under water sex sounds hot right? Two almost naked bodies glistening in the summer sun… A flirtatious splish, a friendly splash, your body weightlessly wrapped around his for an intimate kiss and some cheeky under water touching.

It is hot, and it’s definitely easy to get carried away with the motions of the ocean when the touching develops into bona fide bumping and grinding. But before you go grabbing your bikini and your man you may want to consider the following facts regarding your health and under water sex.


1. Water does nothing but wash your natural lubrication away. Making under water sex awkward and uncomfortable.

2. Chlorinated or salt water are not ideal to get inside a woman. It will cause discomfort and irritation in such a sensitive area.

3. Sex underwater is difficult to practice safe sex. Even if you do manage to come prepared with protection, chlorinated or salt water do not mix with condoms.

Basically, if you want to stay healthy, comfortable and also actually enjoy the whole experience, sex in a pool, in the ocean, anal sex under water or basically any form of penetrative sex in the water is better left for dry ground.


Foreplay! And lots of it! So we’re back at the beach, you’re feeling great in your bikini and he’s looking oh so hot in his swimmers. Let your mind get carried away with a little fantasy and enjoy your time together by letting the anticipation build. By not being able to have actual sex underwater (besides the innocent foreplay) you are both going to be crazy randy for it by the time you get back to dry land. Importantly your mind is going to be ready for sex and in turn your body is also going to be well on its way.


But for those who still want to experiment, you can try oral sex in the water. This is easiest in a spa or on the steps of a pool with you sitting on the edge to avoid chlorine getting in to your vagina. If you’re keen you can even try giving him a blow job under water, still by the safety and relative comfort by the side of the pool.

If you are super eager and are already very comfortable with regular anal sex, you can try for anal sex under water. Although it is possible to experiment with in a pool or spa, you will definitely still need ample amounts of a silicone-based lubricant. And although this lube is condom safe, and water resistant just be mindful that it is likely to cause a bit of a mess, and chlorine and anal sex under water will usually only result in one thing: Ring Sting!

All in all remember that sex in the water equals excellent foreplay. So enjoy your day at the beach or the pool, come out of the water and share a kiss, wrapped together in one big fluffy towel… then race home to your bedroom.

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