Sex Psychology and How Understanding The Mental Side of Orgasms Can Give Her the Best Sex Ever

During sex, it is easy to get too carried away with the physical side of sex and assume that this is all there is. I always tell people that the difference between a great lover and a passable lover is what more than just about learning some body contorting sex position! Instead guys should focus on making love not just to her body, but also her mind.

Sex Psychology 101- The Class Every Guy Should’ve Got In School!

According to the sex scientist Roy Baumeister Women’s sex drives are highly flexible and the same woman can be very sexual with one lover and not sexual at all with another. This is what is known as sex ‘culture’. In the same way that you wouldn’t walk turn up to the office wearing shorts and a T-shirt, the fear of being punished for being sexual looms large in a woman’s mind. After all, think of all the words of hate that we have for women who dare to be too sexual! Therefore what guys who want to have amazing sex should do is create a ‘culture’ that makes it OK for her to be really sexual with you.

Creating a Sex Culture

The first thing that guys need to do is to learn a little about female sexuality. Women are just as sexual as guys, the only problem is that they are worried about appearing to be low value if they display too much sexuality. Therefore most women judge exactly how sexual to be around guys by the way their boyfriend responds whenever they initiate sex with him. For the guy that wants to make his girl more sexual he needs to make sure that he REWARDS her for being sexual. The reward can be anything that lets her know that you like what she is doing: getting more turned on, telling her how hot she is, oral sex… anything really!

The key thing is that you never punish her for anything she wants to try out in bed. Even if you are not into it, think of a similar fantasy and try that out. Once she sees that being sexual around you makes you like her more, the gateway is opened to amazing sex all the time.

Sex Psychology

One of the keys to amazing sex is to think about sex from her perspective occasionally. Remember that the way you act around her allows her to find out how sexual you want her to be. Being unafraid of your sexuality and, equally as important, being unafraid of her sexuality is the key to being the kind of guy that girls go crazy for and we all want to be THAT guy!!!

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